Grantor/Grantee information may be accessed beginning August 10, 1989 with Document #298800 thru #332511. Some indexing has been entered on these documents but it is not complete at this time. Therefore, a search by township/range/section is not available on these documents without purchasing the PDFs of the older handwritten Tract Index images.

McKenzie County has complete Images/Index data beginning May 1, 1998 with Document #332512 to the present available on the website.

When searching for the oldest records indexed by book and page remember these tips:

The blind deed index has 2 sections listed on the left side of each page. Below is an example from one of our blind deed index books. The first entry is Volume 5 Page 189. Type in deed5 in the book field and then 189 in the page field, this will bring up the image of the first document in the index.

There are miscellaneous documents tracked in both the blind deed and blind mortgage indexes. These entries are distinguished by a letter “m” next to the volume number. Below is an example of a miscellaneous entry in the index. To pull up the first miscellaneous entry on this page type misc1 in the book type field and 15 in the page field.

The blind mortgage index has one section with the number at the top of the page. The first mortgage entry on the example below is volume 15 page 465. The image can be retrieved by typing mtg15 in the book field and 465 in the page field.

There are a few other types of entries in our blind indexes. A reception entry is like the example below. Type in recp13 in the book type field and 246 in the page field.